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Optimism is believing you can overcome big challenges. Feeling confident about your outlook and opportunities. Knowing that what you do makes a difference. Optimism fuels innovation and business success. And it can be measured.

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Your answers suggest a concerning lack of optimism and professional fulfillment. This points toward a workplace environment running low on constructive communication, opportunity and overall positivity. Without optimism, real innovation and a true sense of purpose will likely remain just out of reach. There is hope, however. In the right conditions, optimism is achievable—and best of all, contagious.

Your responses reveal small traces of optimism, with a worrying lean toward dissatisfaction and discouragement. This hints at a workplace lacking in enthusiasm and overall clarity of mission. There is, however, a silver lining. With the right focus, scattered moments of optimism can be cultivated to create a thriving culture of positivity, where fulfillment, innovation and forward-thinking are the norm.

Your answers point toward an overall sense of positivity and optimism, with only a few lingering pain points. With just the slightest push in the right direction, you and your organization are well on your way to building a work environment where fulfillment and sense of purpose are the norm—and real strides in innovation are the natural result.

Your responses point toward high levels of purpose, enthusiasm and professional fulfillment. By all indications, you work in a highly optimistic environment, and have likely been one of the driving forces behind that culture of positivity. As you’ve no doubt already discovered, optimism matters—and a true return on that optimism could mean new heights of innovation and forward-thinking for you and your organization.

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When you're optimistic about your work and workplace, big things happen. For your business, it can mean greater innovation, business velocity and competitive advantage. See how your answers compare with others in your field. And see what leading researchers and business visionaries say about the return on optimism. (Meet the experts.)

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